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Kitchen utensil hanger using "Claydon Knot"Hits: 2670
Dave Brown [quahogwi]
on 12/18/00 03:57pm
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This weekend I made my first experiment with the Claydon Knot. I'd seen them before, but hadn't experimented with making them. But, with time on my hands and a bunch of 1/4" round on hand, I decided that it was not or never.

The basics of making the knot is to make a number of Z's and link them together. In this case I made 5 Z's using 12" pieces of rod. There are two bends, one at about the 6" mark and one just shy of 2" from the first. The short leg of the Z is also bent slightly to one side. Link the Z's together, join the short ends and weld. In my experiment I forged hooks on the bottoms of the long/lower legs.

I've attached a picture of the almost finished cooking utensil hanger that I worked on. A search of the web for "Claydon Knot" will bring up a number of url's for instructions for making these knots. 

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*  Kitchen utensil hanger using "Claydon Knot" Dave Brown 12/18/00 03:57pm
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