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Crow Bars/Digging BarsHits: 1943
Shyam Khandelwal [samdelhi]
on 12/13/05 03:54am
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We are a forgings manufacturing company based in Faridabad (near New Delhi), India.

We need help in how to manufacture a particular crow bar (drg attached). We are already manufacturing tamping and digging bars. But in crow bar, we are stuck with following issues:

1. How do we get taper in the length mentioned.

2. How do we gather material at the square end, so that we can forge the same on our drop hammer. As far as we know, this gathering is not possible on upsetter (due to its length), as we are already manufacturing other bars by upsetters. 

CB FWL.jpg

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*  Crow Bars/Digging Bars JPG picture Shyam Khandelwal 12/13/05 03:54am
  Re: Crow Bars/Digging Bars Gene Olson 12/13/05 09:23am
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