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welding wrought iron to mild steelHits: 2833
nycentral13 [nycentral13]
on 02/16/03 05:59pm
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Does anyone have any advice in the welding (either stick or mig) of mild steel to wrought iron. Specifically, I am looking for help in rod or wire selection. A 6013 rod works ok when welding on top of the iron, but is not working when welding wrought iron to mild steel. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Also, would low carbon steel be easier to weld to wrought iron than mild steel?

I am trying to repair a 1887 wrought iron riveted tugboat hull. There is a website at with pictures of the restoration process.


Capt. Eric Fischer 

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*  welding wrought iron to mild steel nycentral13 02/16/03 05:59pm
  Re: welding wrought iron to mild steel Jim Treadwell 02/18/03 09:15am
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