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New Blacksmithing Program in SeattleHits: 2475
Ernest Leimkuhler [Stagesmith]
on 11/16/02 09:37pm
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I am formally anouncing the new Blacksmithing Program at South Seattle
Community COllege.

For many years we have had a Blacksmithing program that was run by
Scott Shaddock.
Last spring the Duwamish branch of SSCC evicted the blacksmithing
program from their space in favor of the Boilermakers Union
Apprenticeship program.

9 months later we have a new space right next door to the Welding

Scott has decided not to return so the program will be run by me (Ernie
Leimkuhler) , and co-taught by myself and Dave Lisch.
I have been teaching welding at SSCC for 5 years.
Dave runs a Seattle blacksmithing shop called Dragonfly Forge, and has
been teaching weekend classes for Discover U for a 2 years.

We will be up and running for Winter Quarter.

Scott took his toys home with him, so we are building the equipment
list up from the bottom.

The shop will be starting out with basic tooling or anvils, forges,
swageblocks, post vises, and lots of smaller stuff.
We hope to add a power hammer real soon.

Anyone in the greater Seattle area is more than welcome to contact me
directly about the program.
If anybody has any equipment they would like to loan or rent to us
until we get built back up, please contact me.

We already have most of the equipment, but we could use a few more post

The program will run 16 hours per week.
The plan now is Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5:30 to
9:30pm, and Saturday morning from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

If the majority of people who are interested in the program really hate
those hours now is the time to voice your opinion.

We will have to get any changes to the schedule submitted real soon.

The class intends to cover basic and advanced blacksmithing techniques,
bladesmithing, tools and lots of other stuff.

My carreer started in smithing and I have floated around lots of other
It will be nice to go back to my roots.

Anyone interested should call me to talk, or email me.


Time is running out and we will need to show enrollment potential for
the final OK. 

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*  New Blacksmithing Program in Seattle Ernest Leimkuhler 11/16/02 09:37pm
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