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Offred [Offred]
on 01/01/02 08:26pm
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Hello, I have just found this site and I want to introduce myself. I am a beginer I guess you could say. I have done brazing, light welding, casting, and some cold forging of copper and steel. I am a fine Art student at a small private college working toward an AFA. My main nich is with sculpter focusing in metal craft and sculpter.
In between semsters I spend my time on my own work and inspiration along with my blah, blah employment. Anyway, I have not been able to really explore forging metal due to lack of equipment and resources. What I am asking is "where do I start?" If any one knows some good books and/or other resource for me to continue my self teach I would be greatful. I am discusing and planning cleaning out the basement/ garage at my father's house to build up my own workshop and mini foundry. I have a bead blasting unit , a huge air compresser and asedaline& oxygen welding eguipment , but I am lacking a kiln or anykind of furnace heat and forge metal. If any one has any sugestions please inlighten me.
Thank you,

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