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test and show and tell/tinning copper etc.Hits: 2141
mata [mata]
on 11/08/01 06:54pm
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Hi there -

I've been tryingg to send this via artmetal mail box but it doesnt seem to have arrived. I recently changed to the digest. Are there specific rules of writing to the digest list?? Maybe someone can direct me.

Anyway.....lets see if this works.

Thanks to everyone for their help on my issues with tinning copper.

I've attached a few pictures of some of the projects I've been working on the past several months. I am shy I suppose about showing my work to this group, but I guess I ought to get over that. I continue to learn so much from all of you.

1)The olive leaf bowls pictured here are made of forged steel. Approximately 16 inches long, 2 1/2 wide. Not a great picture but it gives you an idea of what I am trying to do in copper. The bowl I made in copper and tinned I don't have a picture of yet.

From everyone's feed back I have assessed that I massively overheated the piece, which is why it got soft. I'm going to try and make one in the oven,(even though I know my husband will flip out!)

2) The wall sconce was another frustrating learning project. I tend to use the material I have on hand when making something and this is forged from 3/8 material, which is pretty beefy for candles I guess, but it turned out okay. The biggest problem I had was attaching those little rings at the bottom of the scrolls where the glass beads are hanging. I only have a torch for welding and the difference in material thickness ended up kicking my butt. I probably spent as much time putting them on as I did making the entire piece! If anyone can give me a tip on that I'd really appreciate it.

3) passion flower copper and steel candlebra, This is actually not finished yet. I forged the scrolls from thick walled tubing so I could run wiring through it, so for now it sits with candles.

4) steel rose

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*  test and show and tell/tinning copper etc. mata 11/08/01 06:54pm
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