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Hi, from olden daysHits: 1717
Jack Davis [bronzeo]
on 11/24/05 06:05am
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Great to see the forum back up and running. I built my first complete foundry with the help of this forum. I'm very glad to see it in operation once again. I'm putting that foundry up for sale, and have kept it completely intact. It will pour a max of 50 lbs. and can be seen at
or please call me at 417-781-3446
I would really prefer not to part it out, as it works so great with the components that exist. I can make up a complete inventory list. This is probably a perfect size system for a college foundry class. I really feel like someone will get a lot of good out of it. You will see most of the components in use on the foundry link 

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*  Hi, from olden days Jack Davis 11/24/05 06:05am
  Re: Hi, from olden days Bruce Fink 11/24/05 06:51am
  Re: Hi, from olden days Jack Davis 11/25/05 04:38pm
  Re: Hi, from olden days Bruce Fink 11/25/05 06:56pm
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