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Help. Pits in White Metal Castings.Hits: 1520
Jeff Adkins [Dynx_24]
on 09/13/05 11:17pm
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I am a beginner with casting. Iam using a small neck ladle, A metal that is similiar to Pewter it contains mostly Tin and also Bismuth, A small propane torch, and RTV silicone molding material. If I pour the heated metal into an open back cavity I get pits only on the enclosed design of the mold. The open back is smooth metal when cooled. When I cast in a two part enclosed mold I get a tremendous amount of pits. I seem to have good ventalation and the sprue should be good. I believe I may be overheating my metal with the propane torch. Any suggestions to eliminating these terrible pits? 

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*  Help. Pits in White Metal Castings. Jeff Adkins 09/13/05 11:17pm
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