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Re: burnt sand ?Hits: 1385
Bruce Fink [bpfink]
on 06/27/03 08:07pm
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It is always hard to try and evaluate the results via a few words but it sounds like you are simply over bonding your mix of sand and binder, and if so, and if it is burning and stinking so, use less next time. It is only hot metal flowing past to erode it, not a squirming dirvish. Now for the point in question. If it is burnt out and soft sand again you may like to take the chance to mix it in again. Is it grainy and mixable black stuff? It will not be the same but will it work??? (Keep us posted or throuw it out). Or if new sand is not beyond your budget and this is just a small handful ( don't know what sizes you are working with) put it in a baggy and toss it out. Maybe the kitty litter box will mask it???
Need more info to really help you but you do have an interesting question. ;-) bpfink 

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