Acetylene tank stuck!

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I just got a used Acetylene tank from a friend and the top valve is stuck. I have tried and tried to turn it, but I am getting nowhere. Does anyone have any ideas, or should I just take it to a welding shop and trade it in?

Fluer De Lis in progress...

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This is work in progress.


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A chain mail bracelet that I was commissioned to do.

BraceletBracelet: Image of the bracelet in full.

Anticlastic Bangle

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Anticlastic Bangle

A commissioned piece. This is one of the pieces I submitted to Art Jewelry Magazine.

BangleBangle: Here is an image of the bangle from the bottom side of the part that rests on the wrist.

Sketch 4 Gillis

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Sketch 4 Gillis

Hey Gillis,

Here is a rendering of the emblem

Art Jewelry Magazine Submissions

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Well, I did it!!!

JCK Las Vegas Trade Show - Be Our Guest!

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The JCK Las Vegas Show is in it’s 17th year and like the Tucson Show it has attracted the independent Gem & Jewelry shows we all know from the desert event. Wholesale and Retail shows are popping up at most of the hotels surrounding the Sands and Venetian Resorts.


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Art is creativity-oriented, while Craft concerns constructing things as a prime objective. Craft is also about marketability of those fabricated artifacts while Art is all about Originality. Performing arts are rarely mistaken for crafts and the written arts are seldom referred to as crafts. A crafter is one who makes artifacts for general consumption without necessary regard for creativity.

Sweat soldering

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I recently learned how to Sweat Solder. I LOVE this technique! The effects are amazing because it gives the piece created a look of being carved out...