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 Nightmare with ToyNightmare: Nightmare with ToyI love working with metal of almost any kind.

My Jewelry Projects - Photos

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I've decided to just start a thread with my projects and learning as they happen instead of infiltrating every other thread on the forum.

Last night I cast a new ring that I had carved a couple nights ago. I skipped the vacuum chamber, and boy did I pay for it! What a fool. Thankfully, I was able to grind off all the bubbles, but what a waste of time. This was my second attempt at hot-dipping in pickle to achieve a pale/white look to the silver and I love it.

Check out this sprue base holder thingy.

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Last night I made myself this little sprue base holder. Man, I could never live without it again! It's SO much easier to reach underneath the workpieces, and a perfect angle for top-down viewing/spruing too (45 degrees). If you don't have something like this, I'd highly recommend it. It took about 10 minutes to make, including shellac and little felt feet on the bottom. well worth it. Life-changing!

Silver Finishing

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Hi everybody. I'm fairly new to this forum, and enjoying it greatly. I'm one of those off-and-on jewelry-making hobbyists... getting more "on" recently and stepping things up. I'm pretty much self-taught (no classes), and probably lacking in a lot of the basics. I see a lot of beautiful finishes on silver out there, and wondering about a few of them. I will certainly be experimenting, but would love to get your opinions/input:

Foldformed Copper Cuff

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Foldformed Copper Cuff

Copper Cuff

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Foldformed Copper CuffFoldformed Copper Cuff

Last Night I Tried Steam Casting...

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... ant it worked beautifully!

I must admit that I didn't really expect results from this, seems kinda hokey. To that end, I only spent about 10 minutes making a wax model (that's my disclaimer as to the design of the piece). But curiosity took over, so I screwed a jar lid to a dowel and gave it a whirl:

New problems casting silver, centrifugal.

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In years past, I have cast some silver and gold jewelry successfully, techniques and equipment that are FAR from "by-the-book". Until this week, I had never used a vacuum de-bubbler. My burnout oven was a metal coffee can on top of a hotplate that surely never reached so much as 700 deg F (flask never glowed orange). And my centrifugal caster appears to be home-made (I bought it used), and only spins for about 30 seconds. With all this... I have cast some pretty nice stuff. But I'm trying to do better. So...

tig welding jewelry

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Ok. So I have an old tig setup, old craftsman ac arc welder with an old miller hf arc starter, foot pedal, 300 amp water cooled tig torch. Can I use this to weld silver jewelry? Really small jewelry,

Bulgaria. Art and Culture Adventure with Valentin Yotkov

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Join Master Silversmith Valentin Yotkov on a trip to Bulgaria, one of Europe's hottest new destinations. This trip is metal and jewelry oriented. It is an exploration of the rich culture, tradition and art of his native country, it is not a "hands-on" workshop.