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Center for Metal Arts 2013 Spring Workshop Schedule

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MicroLux Mini Scroll Saw vs Scroll Saw DS115/E

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Hi to all :-) I am new here, just saw this website and thought its a good place to hang around for a while :-)

I am interested to buy one of these scroll machine MicroLux Mini Scroll Saw or Scroll Saw DS115/E, to cut silver, copper and gold etc for making jewelry,  could you help me and give me a review about it? are these machine good? which one is better? will they cut saw accurately?

Thor's hammer (Mjolnir)

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Thor's hammer (Mjolnir)

This is a Thor's hammer necklace I made a while back. It's of my own design, but was influenced by various findings of the Viking age. Sand cast, fabricated, textured and oxidized sterling silver.

Heavy Wendelringe Cuff


Heavy Wendelringe Cuff

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Heavy Wendelringe Cuff

I wanted to try forging a heavy cuff within the wendelringe genre.
I started with a bar with dimension : 1/2" x 3/16ths". I ground a taper from center out both ends but left a bulbous chunk as finials.

Forged Stainless Steel Torque

 Torque(Celtic neck ring) forged from stainless steel.Forged Stainless Steel Torque: Torque(Celtic neck ring) forged from stainless steel.For this forged stainless steel torque,I started with 3/8ths solid square stock.I removed a fair amount of material for the 6 inch section that goes behind the back of the neck.I then ,(using the grinder)tapered the last 4 inches on both ends.I forged the ends into spirals then set about the twist patterns.The bar was still straight at this point except for the forged spirals on the ends.I did a soft grind and polish to remove the scratches,then with the final heat forged the bar around a pre-made form to the shape you see...

Cross Pendant

 Forged stainless steel with a glass bead setting.Cross Pendant: Forged stainless steel with a glass bead setting.Pendant Cross,finished.

Pentacle Box

Smokey Tidepool

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Hope everybody is out there busy making beautiful things. Heres my latest....

Sterling Silver Necklace , Abalone, Smokey Quartz, approx. 2" x .75. Pendant and chain are fabricated. Shell and stone are cut by me.

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Eye with a Tear Pendant


Glass bead set in stainless steel.
Tear drop is also made of (fabricated)stainless steel.
As with my other stone and glass settings these are directly ARC WELDED into a pre-formed bezel without destroying the stone or glass bead.I've engineered a simple but effective "trick" to keep the heat of the instant weld of the MIG machine from ever reaching the fragile stone piece or glass bead...