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St. Clair Fence and gate

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St. Clair Fence and gate

Forging wrought iron?

Recently I was given some old, rusted steel pieces that I would like to use for various projects. I believe this material is wrought iron- it is very difficult to forge in that it separates and splits as I forge it. Does anyone have any suggestions for forging this material? I tried the tricks I knew, such as forging tapers in the center of the bar, etc, but to no avail.

3-Day 3-Week 3-Cities Blacksmith Workshops in Peru

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I recently finished my second blacksmithing seminar in Peru and wanted to share with you a video and photo album showing footage from the various workshops in Huancayo, Lima, and Piura. The video is also an educational video for beginning blacksmiths. It explains the processes I used to make the Nazca Lines Book Ends.

Window guard

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Window guard

Wine Room Door

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Wine Room Door

This was done for a client for their wine room, finished with Japanese Brown Patina.

Completed Marsi Chandelier Video

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This is a brief video of the completed Marsi chandelier. It shows the fiber optic lighting and some of the programmed modes included with the initial setup. Note that the color wheel is an LED main light which has the capabilities of displaying millions of colors.

"Creative Metalsmithing" Hands on Workshop

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"Creative Metalsmithing" Hands on workshop through the Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) Occupational Self Supporting Program Class # C2719 Instructor: Enrique Vega see: http://enrique.artmetal.com/metal_art/about.html for bio. Limit 10 students 7 week course on Saturdays from 10am - 6:30pm starting May 19th through June 30 at E. Vega Studios Apex, NC US

The Marsi Chandelier Part 2 - Hot Forging & Forge Welding

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The second part of this video documentary covers blacksmith techniques for hot forging 1" solid steel bar into large leaf forms. In the second half of the video, I demonstrate the forge welding of these leaves into cluster sets of three.

Video Intro to Marsi Chandelier

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Video Intro to Marsi Chandelier

Video intro as seen on Enrique's podcast.

New Layout On My Personal Web Site

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Blacksmith web site showing metal art


I updated my personal web site this past week to include a blog and podcasting to document some of the more interesting commissions in an educational format to share with visitors of the site and other blacksmiths desiring to learn my approach to metal art. I hope you will enjoy the new layout of the site. It's at http://enrique.artmetal.com

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