Center for Metal Arts

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The Spring Schedule of workshops is now available.

Center for Metal Arts 2013 Spring Workshop Schedule

Register now for workshops that provide hands-on learning from experienced teachers in a congenial and supportive atmosphere. Explore the metal arts in applications from sculpting and forging to jewelry.

Fundamentals of Forging--Two Intro Workshops in Downstate New York


If you’ve been looking for a good introduction to forging–here it is! Two beginners’ blacksmithing workshops in April 16 and May 28, with Vivian Beer. Vivian Beer exhibits and teaches nationally out of New England, and holds the Spring 2011 residency at SUNY Purchase College. She has an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and held the metals residency at Penland School of Crafts. Vivian is an engaging and accomplished teacher, and the comment after class is "I had a blast!"

Forging the Grotesque, with Frederic A. Crist

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Fred Crist, sculptor and fine metals artist, will lead a 3-day workshop on Forging the Grotesque on April 1-3, 2011.

About Fred Crist: “Forging metal has always been my choice of material and process as a sculptor and craftsman. From the time I was first introduced to this direct manipulation of metal as a student at Philadelphia College of Art in 1974, (under the direction of Jack Andrews) I was captivated by its potential as a sculptural medium.

Aout Those Block Parties

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We started the school in the deep snowy winter of February 03, with Uri Hofi flying in from Israel to a mixed crowd of seasoned smiths and green beginners. The energy was high, notebooks were out, cameras took record numbers of photos, many blisters were taped, and Hofi was his inimitable self, on a veritable crusade to single-handedly transform the American blacksmith scene into a force for education.

Who Takes a Metal Arts Class? Part 4, The Keyboard Geek

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Not too long ago, real men didn’t touch keyboards, aka typewriters, that symbol of poorly paid woman’s work. Now many of us spend our days working our qwerty in the cyber economy. Our backs sag into a chair all day, while our fingers make small rapid motions, and our eyeballs flick over the screen. Except for a twitch of protest now and then from unused muscles, we barely move anything but fingers and eyeballs.

Who Takes a Metal Arts Class? Part 3, The Artist

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When we suggest that artists, sculptors and jewelers bring their own portfolios to the workshop, or even pieces of their work, the studio becomes an instant art show—sculptures on the workshop tables, portfolio pages, and even digital phones passed around to share images from the artist’s studio. It’s not critique time as much as shared pleasure in the creative process. Seeing one another’s work is a wonderful way to get to know fellow students between sessions of working at the forge.

Who Takes a Blacksmithing Class? Part 2, The Career Explorer

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We get many students who are just beginning to explore their career options. Typically they are young, post high school, and they already know that the narrow academic path is not for them. They want to work with their hands as well as their minds, and traditional college education offers them little. In fact, high school didn’t really do it for them either. They are smart, full of energy, and totally frustrated.

Venice, Italy. Workshop with Valentin Yotkov

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VENICE, ITALY June 13-19, 2010

Join Master Silversmith Valentin Yotkov for a workshop at a magnificent 15th century Palazzo in the heart of Venice overlooking the Grand Canal. This newly renovated Palazzo is listed in the Small Luxury Hotels of the World directory.

Bulgaria. Art and Culture Adventure with Valentin Yotkov

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Join Master Silversmith Valentin Yotkov on a trip to Bulgaria, one of Europe's hottest new destinations. This trip is metal and jewelry oriented. It is an exploration of the rich culture, tradition and art of his native country, it is not a "hands-on" workshop.

California Forging

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Hello everybody, I've been looking around here for a couple hours now and I'm pretty happy to find a site that brings so many talented metalsmiths together! I've just finished my service enlistment and have been forging my own knives and nick-nacks for about a year now. I would really like to work for a professional forge if there is work/help needed in the southern California area. Maybe you, or someone you know is in a situation to take on a hard worker and motivated learner? Thanks for reading, Happy New Year!