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This seems like a great community of people with neat opportunities for communication about art metal!

I'm assisting my mom and her boyfriend to utilize online resources for their new metal art company, First Thought, Ltd. They've made a lot of neat tables, wall art, small metal sculptures, and recently a very large hand forged metal turtle that's been thoroughly researched for authenticity, but have no clue on how to sell what they make.

"Creative Metalsmithing" Hands on Workshop

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"Creative Metalsmithing" Hands on workshop through the Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) Occupational Self Supporting Program Class # C2719 Instructor: Enrique Vega see: http://enrique.artmetal.com/metal_art/about.html for bio. Limit 10 students 7 week course on Saturdays from 10am - 6:30pm starting May 19th through June 30 at E. Vega Studios Apex, NC US

Steel Horse

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Steel Horse

Horse is 11" X 13" from puddle welded steel.

welding brass?


I am working on a large scale public sculpture. I had intended to use bronze, but find that brass is much cheaper. Does anyone know about welding brass? MIG? TIG? torch? If not, can I braze it and how strong is a braze compared to a weld?

work in progress for "DIRTY SHOW '08"

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work in progress for "DIRTY SHOW '08"

work in progress for I'm doing three couple studies for the "DIRTY SHOW '08"  http://www.dirtydetroit.com/index.htm

work in progress

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work in progress

Here's a pic of my dad, with his part time assistant Jimmy, working on a piece for a show coming in the fall '07.

Destragon - the destroying dragon

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Destragon - the destroying dragon

"Destragon - the destroying dragon" was created by applying successive oxy-acetylene weld beads over a steel skeletal armature one bead at a time. Over 70 hours of welding were put into this dragon during my initial schooling. What's interesting is that the learning curve is shown in the final dragon. I started with uncontrolled weld beads at the tail of the dragon, and ended with controlled scales at the head. The wings were made of sheet steel with a "buttering" of bronze weld rods over the sheet metal.

All in life can be creative if you work it right. The rewards are legion. Demand the stimulus right to be part of it.

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Bruce P Fink

I just condensed and converted the biography onto an email system
It also has a full page of tiny print shows, awards and exhibitions but is probably is of little interest. To me at least... all in the past and tomorrow is always an even better day.

New welding wire from Hobart Brothers

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A new welding wire from Hobart Brothers, the TM-770 wire's smooth, stable and soft arc creates virtually spatter-free welds to minimize post-weld cleanup time and help increase productivity. Engineered for single- and multiple-pass welding in all positions, TM-770 produces a flat weld bead profile, even in the vertical-up position, and is designed for use with mixed shielding gases.

Welding Processes Comparison

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A Quick comparison of Welding Processes

SMAW: Shielded Metal Arc Welding AKA: Stick, Arc, Rod Burning, Stinger