Standing Nine II

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hi all

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hi all, i cant figure out how to use this forum!! not in the typical format... anyways, i had a question, and that is, can one heat up and bend metal with a plasma cutter like you can with oxy aceyline?


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Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up oxyacetylene equipment. It is a really handy reference, good refresher and also a confidence-builder for new users.

Oxyfuel Setup

First check over the condition of the equipment. Are the cylinders chained to the cart? Are the torch valves closed? Are the hoses in good condition?

Intro welding processes

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Here is a Quick comparison of Welding Processes that I thought would be helpful. Written in everyday language. (AKA means Also Known As.)


SMAW: Shielded Metal Arc Welding AKA: Stick, Arc, Rod Burning, Stinger

Day of the Dead Bedframe

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This is a bed frame i'm making: "Day of the Dead" theme.

Not sure if i wanna incorporate copper accents, perhaps use the copper skull in the one picture, or do all steel, OR do some stainless stuff.


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Howdy ArtMetal folk. I dunno if I'll ever update this blog but I love browsing and will likely continue to update my picasaweb album as I go (see signature).

Figured I'd start with a post of a tiny history with a couple images.

New Projects, Skull and Candle Holder

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New projects my friend and i are working on: "day of the dead" skull and Palm-Tree candle holders.

Follow my project at pocogordo.tumblr.com

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