Looking for a Super Steel Sealant 2!

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I don't know if my previous question went through. I MIG and TIG steel sculptures. I am looking for advice on cleaners and sealers for ferrous metals. I have used cold patinas (I am unable to use a torch right now -- this may change), and Permalac with a wax coating. The result indoors and out has been rust. I can accept a certain amount of rust, but I would rather not.

What's your favorite wax-carving tool/tip?

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I've been experimenting with carving wax, working on some projects and I keep having little moments that seem like miniature breakthroughs. Recently:

- Carving wax can be assembled with Super Glue. This makes for tidy joints without the fillet (think prongs), and at very least can hold your parts together while you weld them with a hot pen.

Anyone used fiberglass mold to cast their wax model?

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Is it possible to use a fiberglass mold to pour a wax? If not I suppose I'll have to pour a fiberglass model to make another mold from. Any suggestions or experience out there?

Lost Wax & Sandcasting Bronze Foundry Equipment to be Auctioned

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Hi Folks,

Its been several years since I've been on this group. My, what a change. Like starting all over again. Hope all of you have prospered as I have.

This is a formal announcement to the group about my impending auction of all my foundry equipment and show display fixtures to be auctioned on Ebay starting on Thursday July 19th.