Tutorial: User Account Setup

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This is the last in a series of video tutorials on using the web site. The tutorial goes over the initial setup a new user should consider implementing when they first log into their account. In essence, the tutorial shows how to customize the users experience here at ArtMetal.

Video Tutorial: Creating a Blog Post

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Here's a video tutorial on how to create a blog post. The tutorial goes into using the default ascii text entry, uploading an image via this interface, and then changing the interface to the gui "enable rich-text" and editing/adding more images. The tutorial is geared towards the novice user.

Video Tutorial: Uploading Images

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This is the first in a series of video tutorials covering different aspects of using the social networking capabilities of the web site. This tutorial goes into the user friendly interface for any member of the ArtMetal community to upload images to their personal accounts.

What is an Astrolabe?

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Found this wonderful video describing the use of a most beautifully hand crafted metal device used for telling time in the 13th Century. The Astrolabe is something I think that some of you on ArtMetal may want to take a look at making using blacksmithing or casting methods. Anyway, I hope this video summons creativity and craftsmanship to some of you.

Tom Wujec reaches back to one of our earliest but most ingenious devices -- the astrolabe. With thousands of uses, from telling time to mapping the night sky, this old tech reminds us that the ancient can be as brilliant as the brand-new.

How Artists are Dealing with the Recession

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How is the arts & crafts industry in the US withstanding the recession of 2009? Here's a glimpse at the responses of four artists given during the 2009 CenterFest held in Durham, NC. The short film was created by Enrique Vega for a Vox Populi Interview assignment in his "Directing Your Documentary: Making Choices" video course taken at Duke University Center for Documentary Studies.

I'd love to hear how those of you on ArtMetal are withstanding the recession/depression of 2009. What are you doing to continue to make a living from your metal art?

 BTW, our very own Kimberli Matin is one of the interviewees... tell me what you think.

The Marsi Chandelier Part 3 - Assembling

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This is a 10 minute flash video on the fabrication and assembly of the main body of the chandelier. It's not easy to cram several months worth of hand crafted metal art work into a ten minute video, but I did it. It's action packed and fast moving. Enjoy






Previous episodes can be viewed by clicking the book icon (Guide and Details) below the video and select the chronological tab.


OT: Sandbox YAK

Oh my god!!!!?

My wife was "playing around" at the studio with the camera. Now I have my own channel on youtube.

Is anyone else doing this? Do I need to do this? No laughing please!!!

I might as well give you all this


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3rd Ward's new workspaces are perfect for wood and metal workers, fabricators and designers, furniture and cabinet makers, sculptors, and individuals looking for access to a great variety of machinery, tools and resources within a large, open wood and metal shop.

Completed Marsi Chandelier Video

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This is a brief video of the completed Marsi chandelier. It shows the fiber optic lighting and some of the programmed modes included with the initial setup. Note that the color wheel is an LED main light which has the capabilities of displaying millions of colors.

The Marsi Chandelier Part 2 - Hot Forging & Forge Welding

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The second part of this video documentary covers blacksmith techniques for hot forging 1" solid steel bar into large leaf forms. In the second half of the video, I demonstrate the forge welding of these leaves into cluster sets of three.