pbt miniflam torch

I was wondering what people knew about pbt miniflam torches. Have you used one? Where can you get one? I use a micro torch currently, but am looking to add to my torch choices.


i should know the answer to this! But...

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it's a quarter to two in the morning. i have just found this neat site and i am so glad i stumbled upon it!

right now though i am thinking about future tool purchases for my studio as i slllooooowwwwlllyyyy but surely build/rebuild my studio. Pricing benches, torches, flexshafts... (all that fun stuff!)

Bernzomatic, Thumbler tumbler and Dremel with flex shaft advice for BEGINNER

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My husband gave me some tools and I wanted to know which ones I can use and which I need to replace/upgrade. I want to make jewelry, mostly brass, some copper. I have:


1. dremel 400 with a flex shaft and engraver.