Using Flock for Posting Blogs

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So, I opened my big mouth and told folks about this great new browser called Flock. And now Dick Caverly has put me in my place and is wanting to know how to use the blogging features that are built into Flock.

Test insert images via gui

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Pride Of Scotland Sgian DubhPride Of Scotland Sgian DubhTesting blog entry for Michael...

Seems I have no problem attaching an image to a blog post. Must "enable rich-text" to get the gui. Also enable rich-text in "Input format."

Getting this all together

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Metal content optional. Knees are still a bit weak.

ok this is an edit of a root post.

When is it "Fast Enough"?

OT: Sandbox YAK

Well, I've heard from a couple of you that the new cms for artmetal is a bit slow.