Plaster casting surface finish

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I've been been trying out casting aluminum using plaster for the last six months and I read many books on the subject and visited this particular site for any information i could find including this site's archives but the results I'm currently getting are not satisfactory.

Making My Style

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Been a while since I posted anything on here. But I've been feeling more and more in the mood to start blogging about my shop. I've always been a terrible journal writer or sketch book keeper or blogger or.... etc... Just something I was never in to. Except more and more, I find myself wanting to talk about my work, how I make things, what I think, and yet... I don't really have anyone to do that with. I think it's an artist thing. Artists like to talk about their creative process. So much about designing artwork revolves around internal thoughts and ideas and creativity. And while an artist gets to show off their creations on a regular basis, they don't get to talk about themselves and how they actually came about bringing their art into reality.

Rust promoter

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It's probably been discussed, but I can't find the thread. I'm looking for advice on promoting rust on mild steel to make new steel more closely match rusted steel. One of my sculptures uses weathered (well rusted) salvaged steel for most of it, and a few pieces of new 11GA mild steel scrap.