Pitch Bowl & Design

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Pitch Bowl & Design

Like the design!
I'm posting this 'cause I might try to knock out a small repousse piece for the show. This is not typical pitch, I chose the cheap route (bees wax & plaster).

pitch alternative

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My first post here. a diverse group indeed. I've searched and read the conversations about pitch alternatives. I want to ask if anyone has used a substrate such as cork, layered paper, rubber sheets, wood/compositeĀ or soft plastic to chase large works (exceeding 6 sq ft - 24 gauge).

Cement Pitch Bowl

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There are various suggestions for DIY pitch bowls out there, bowling ball, skillet, etc. I am interested in making a cement bowl, has anyone done this? Tips? Suggestions?

Chrysalis by David Barnhill 2007

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Chrysalis by David Barnhill 2007

Here is one of my boxes. My work at this time is dealing with searching and often finding distortions of what we are actually looking for. Imagination often fills in the gaps instead of fact.

Pumpkin? in repousse you say?

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Yes, that is what I said. I loved the tomatoes on the vine that 'walker' did and since I have been itching to try some repousse...I thought maybe a pumpkin would be a sort of easy shape to work with. And it was...however, I don't really know what I'm doing! lol