Getting oil off metal..

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Hello, New to the site. Hopefully someone will have answers for me..

I want to rust 14 gauge flat rolled steel. I guess there are a couple of questions... I am having the hardest time getting the oil off the newer metal so I can rust it.  I have tried acetone, thinner, de-greaser, dawn, vinegar, oven cleaner (bad stuff), and many others.  When I rinse it off after cleaning.. I can still see the oil on it! Some of the time it works... I don't want to go to the acid.. that scares me.  Is there a difference in cold rolled vs hot rolled in terms of rusting?  Any comments would be appreciated!

Copper Oil Burning Moravian Candle

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Copper Oil Burning Moravian Candle

This is a Oil burning All Copper Moravian Candle. The red ribbon is copper but has been powder coated to create a durable red color.