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Polished Stainless Steel Wethervanes


Boogie boarderBoogie boarderSurfer weathervaneSurfer weathervaneHi to you all at artmetal am new too posting and relatively new to metal sculpture. There is some great work on this site and what I do is amateur at best.With more knowledge and experience I hope it can leed to bigger and better.You have to start somewhere. The weather vanes are related to watersport images(windsurfing,kitesurfing,surfing images) done in a silhouette using sheet1.2mm,3mm up to 10mm rod all polished to good as I can get. Currently using 316 as the material is alredy in shed but as I replace this I was wandering if I could use 304? I am also wandering what finish to order the material as I am aware various finishes are avilable?The main aim is to keep the costs down.I am aiming on a high level on my polished finish.Nothing like the reflection of the sun being cast across the yard as the vane spins in the sun.

Metal Finishes

I am trying to solve a problem. Ferrous steel that I am wanting to color and protect at a coastal location. So far I've used powder coating , which is rusting thru in a matter of four months. The other piece I used colored dyes and finished it with Perma Lac a clear coat product.

Finish for steel wire...

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Hello all,

Talking about galvanized steel again, coat-hanger width/gauge, - any ideas on how to clean it up after it has been worked on (soldered) - Looking to remove oxidation and generally clean the metal.

Simple tumbler from a recyled paint stirrer

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Simple tumbler from a recyled paint stirrer

This is one of the tumblers I use.

I got the idea from Barb, the owner of a hardware company in New England.

She told about having set up a whole wall of these running off one motor.