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Introducing myself

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Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. I joined this networking forum a while back but am just now getting time to post a couple of blogs, etc.

My name is Debra Montgomery and I own A Copper Rose Metal Art. I am a welder by trade and over the past few years have been learning blacksmithing techniques, repousse and chasing and continue to do general welding and fabrication through our business, The Metal Shoppe, where I work with my husband and one other employee.

Hand-Forged Brass - - This is a Detailed Close-up of the 1st Photo I Posted

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Hand-Forged Brass - - This is a Detailed Close-up of the 1st Photo I Posted

Hand-Forged Brass - - This is a detailed close-up of the first photo I posted of the French Art Deco railing hand-forged from iron and bronze that you requested.

David Smith

Hi Everybody,
I am new to ArtMetalso just trying out new things to do like a blog. Do many of you know of metal artist David Smith, I can across a book about him with lots of photo's and drawings of his work. I was so impressed with his metal working abilities in mild and stainless steel, his colouring on sections of metal has got to be seen to believed, the depth of colour is inspirational. He describes the process of doing a couple of coats of white paint before applying the top colour coats.

In search of a unique and talented artist!!

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Hello. I am a circus artist and I am in search of a metal artist to create a new table for me to do my contortion act on. It is my hope that the table will be completely unique and unlike anything being used by other artists in my field. There are a few specifications that will certainly give a great artist a unique challenge. If anyone is interested in this project please contact me at