For no Apparent Reason

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For no Apparent Reason

I was fortunate enough this year to be invited to the 15th Annual Sculpture Show at the magnificent home and sculpture garden of Mark and Tinka Jordy. Among the exhibiting artists were Mike Roig, Jim Adams, Carmen Elliott, Jeff Hackney, Tinka Jordy, Sam Spiczka, William Moore and Edwin White. I have never enjoyed more a show, nor to be more endeared by so many wonderful and supportive artists - It was a terrific weekend!

Best NY Area Scrap Yards?

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Hello sculptors,
Anyone know of any scrap metal/junk yards in the NY tri-state area where one can pick through and browse through their piles?

The only scrap yards I have found in the NY area are either exclusively automotive, or simply do not allow people to enter their yard other than drop offs. I'm looking to find one where people are allowed in to find whatever scrap materials they like.

Metal Gate-Horse Design


Metal Gate-Horse DesignMetal Gate-Horse Design


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Metal Art

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I've worked with metal for many years but when I can combine it with my artistic talents it becomes a passion. Working for a living gets in the way of this passion, but I've been able to create some great pieces as well as functional items people have been interested in. My earlier works were displayed once in a Scottsdale, AZ gallery but I'm working out of my home now with hopes of getting better exposure by developing a website. Thank you.

Foyer Archway

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Foyer Archway

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Foyer Archway

This is something I came up with for our entry way in our home. Not showing a closeup view as I have a few welds that aren't all that pretty.