Wire work

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Wire workWire workI've moved to Brighton and have been making these wire work pieces, but have run out of wire.

monument to the sun

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monument to the sun

North Carolina Veteran's Park Sculpture

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North Carolina Veteran's Park Sculpture

This is one of 7 seven sculptures that are installed at the new North Carolina Veteran's Park in Fayetteville, NC. Each of the selected six sculptors were given a word that related back to military life and service. These words were then interpreted by each sculptor into representative forms through sculpture. Each sculpture had to contain used military items and artifacts but not directly used in its original, identifiable form. My word was "Courage" - I defined "Courage" by the saving of a fellow warrior in battle... by going back into the battle to retrieve a wounded soldier and bring Her/Him to safety - Leave No-one behind. The two outer triangles represent the two soldiers that are carrying the wounded soldier... the center triangle, back to safety. At the top of each triangle is a piece of hand-colored, fused glass. Contained within the glass are images of the medals of honor, as well as, the purple heart, which is embedded into the center triangles red glass. Inside the "body" of each triangle (soldier), are woven, the military items that I chose to embody each warrior... Military truck grates, truck hoods, brackets, wheel rims, brake plates - strong, enduring items. This was my description - there are many acts of courage and this happens to be my description of Courage. This was a very exciting and personal sculpture for me... It was wonderful to have been chosen to work on this project.

Winter Bird Nest - Wire Tree Sculpture

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Winter Bird Nest - Wire Tree Sculpture

18"H x 14"W x 14"D
Created using 22, 24 & 26 gauge galvanized steel wire. This piece expresses a promise of spring. The tree is bare with no leaves and a very intricate network of roots. All the color and life is shown in the gold color nest, with the 2 white pearl eggs. The tree sits on a mound made of sea sand many assorted pebbles and rocks. The sea sand and pebbles are painted in yellows, greens and whites, using India ink, which will not fade in sunlight, and gives the appearance of moss covered earth. The piece is planted on an 8 inch round solid wood base, with hand cut openings on the sides. The wood base was made in Japan.


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What better use for those old mixing bowls?

Salvaged from the depths of the thrift store, this discarded mixing bowl has been reincarnated into a fun and playful baby triceratops, who is as happy to be inside as she is outside.

The Mighty Hunter

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The Mighty Hunter

The Mighty Hunter! Bravely facing the wild, untamed jungles to stalk the most tasty of prey...

Crafted from assorted pipe caps, round stock, nuts, and 18 gauge steel. Decorated with coral beads, wire, Insta-Rust patina and paint.

Iron Phoenix

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Iron Phoenix

This is one of my more recent sculptures. An Iron Phoenix, set against swirling flames carved from old saw blades.
The phoenix is crafted from 18gauge steel and cold worked using hammer, anvil, and assorted hand tools.

how to get brass to appear "rusty"?

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As a theatre design student I recently designed & built the set for a short new play. Working backways, I now have to make the scale model to go with it! The set is a box iron metal construction that I surface treated to look old & rusty. I now have some brass pieces, that in scale and size are

20 Rust Paintings 2005-2011

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Just finished 20 rust Paintings. Rusting Period 2005-2011.
4x4 rust painting4x4 rust painting

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