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Linseed and paint

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If I put a 50/50 mix of mineral spirits/linseed oil on an iron piece I'm working on.

Is it possible to paint it?

No powder coat due to the cost involved.


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I should know the answer to this question but would like your input.
I like to mix different materials together in my art pieces. What problems have you had when mixing mild steel with copper – brass - bronze in any combination? What would you suggest to use as a barrier (if needed) for use outside/inside?


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Melting Furnace lining question

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Hello everyone; I have not posted in awhile. I am interested in knowing more about ferrous melting in a furnace.
To jump to the question, I am thinking of putting together a smallish iron melter, some call it a cupola. Besides fire brick for the insides, I wonder what the molten metal pool area, at the bottom is made with. Since a mold is used to pour molten metal into, can it be used as a liner or melt bottom for a furnace?