gas welding


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Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up oxyacetylene equipment. It is a really handy reference, good refresher and also a confidence-builder for new users.

Oxyfuel Setup

First check over the condition of the equipment. Are the cylinders chained to the cart? Are the torch valves closed? Are the hoses in good condition?

Little Bit of Magic

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Well I just finished up this one. Worked on it for the past week and a half. Something a little different. He is 17.5 inches high. All made with the O/A torch and it does get a little anal. I still got to put on some clear the turp, LS and Jap stuff but I am tired and time to relax tonight some. I also need to stop somewhere and pick up a clear glass ball, all I had was some marbles laying around for the grand kids to play with. Black granite base is ordered.


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