Columbus, Ohio.

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Art Access Gallery represents the sculptures in Columbus, Ohio... To see more: Mixed media metal sculptures

My first gallery show


Wow! I honestly never thought I would be featured in a gallery. I have been told by some metal artists that my work is very good, but I am my worst critic. I see the flaws in my work, yet others love what I do. Am I the only one that feels this way about their own work?

Summer show

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May-August: Johan Jonsson shows some of the work at Lilla Galleriet, Boden, Sweden.
Click for more information or to see more junk art by Johan Jonsson.

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Dinner with Tim McCreight


gallery M.I.M. present dinner with the artist TIM McCREIGHT!
Sat. October 14th 7 pm.
Pot-Luck Dinner with slide presentation and book signing! Don't Miss it!
gallery M.I.M.
3600 Clipper Mill Rd
Suite 130
Baltimore MD 21211