Great new toy (errrrr, tool).

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I just received the new infrared pyrometer I ordered last week. What a dandy little item!

The thing reads from about 50 below zero to just a frog hair over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit by infrared emissivity scanning and also has an optional (included) Type K thermocouple rated from 60 below to 2500 F. It has an output port to a PC for temp logging and other functions too, though I don't yet know how useful that all is - haven't tried it. All that for under $200 with shipping. Amazing, really.

Forge take 1

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The body of my first forge! Stainless tea container lined with kaowool, ceramic board in the bottom.

Portable foundry furnace

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Fully portable bronze furnace.
Smallest gas powered leaf blower I could find - plenty of air at idle.
Stainless cover with refractory slathered kaowool weighs less than 20 lbs.
harbor freight weed burners are way simpler than making your own.

Portable Furnace "Off"

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Portable Furnace "Off"

Portable Bronze Furnace

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Portable Bronze Furnace

Festival 2010


Festival Collage

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Festival Collage

We took a miniaturized version of our foundry to a local festival last weekend.

I do not think the organizers really believed me when I said I was bringing a real working foundry to the event.

A fellow asked what I was cooking. When I answered brass he looked at me weirdly and walked away. Nothing to eat here.

engraving and foundry

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I am hoping to learn and help here.
I have been a professional engraver for over 25 years.
In the last few years I have built a brass sand casting foundry and am currently producing parts.
I hope that I can share with others here on these subjects.

Dog Sculpture Continues

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Further progress on the dog sculpture. Its been raining here all week AGAIN. However, today I was off work and the rain stopped, so I got myself set up to do the casting this morning. Below are pics of the results, but first some pics of the shell application.

Bronze casting

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Hello I'm new to the site. I have been sculpting and casting bronze for just over a year and am enjoying it considerably. I have put together a website in the hope of selling some of my work. I have joined this site to share my experiences and learn from others with more experience. I am UK based and am finding it very difficult to get supplies of silicon bronze. If anyone can recommend suppliers of this alloy in the UK I would be most grateful.