Scissor-making in China

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Check out this news story on scissor-making in China.  In the video clip, the smith puts the steel into an old brick forge and heats it - in an induction coil!

Spring Schedule of Workshops

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Freeform Power Hammer Forging with Jon Ledford – Saturday, April 20, 2013
Our power hammer tooling and dies were set up according to the specifications of innovative blacksmith and educator Uri Hofi. Instructor Jon Ledford will show you how to make a power hammer perform acts of beauty in steel. For advanced students only. $220 includes materials. 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM


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New Tool for my Apprentice

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I now have an apprentice, a young woman of remarkable intelligence and determination.  Fearless, too. Laughing

my v block

my v block

antler chandelier


Delevery time for the big-un.

5' x 7' antler chandelier5' x 7' antler chandelier

Art metal

Professionally engaged in artistic metal forging. My site with articles. Intersnyh opinion of colleagues. 'm Designing with forged metal. Made of metal stairs, fences, canopies.

I made a little anvil/stake yesterday for rings - Love it! (photos)

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I made this anvil/stake yesterday, from a steel rod and some scrap wood. I've been wanting to forge a rounded contour to rings for design and comfort and it works perfectly!

The block on the right side slides off to allow the ring to slip over the stake. That's my grandpa's mallet, it's very soft. He was a Boeing machinist - I don't know exactly what he did with it, but it's great for massaging silver without marring the surface at all. I've had it in the back of a tool box for years - since he died in 1986 or so, and now I've found a purpose for it. I couldn't be happier.

New Forge Project

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Things have been a bit slow on the 'net for several days now so I thought I'd share with you all my latest shop project.   The propane forge I've been using for the past five years has just about run its course and I decided to make a new and better one.  The old one has been good, but it is a bit on the small side sometimes and isn't as adaptable as I would like.  I put a 2" square port in the rear of it, but too often that isn't big enough for what I need to put through it so I'm forced to build up firebricks at the front of the forge and use the exhaust heat to get something up to temperature.  Also, this little freon can forge can't accept the middle of a scroll, for instance. Such shapes are best done in a solid fuel forge, but most of the time I don't want to fire up the coal forge just to do one heat.  I've been thinking for some months now of a new design for a forge that would solve some of my issues and still not be a huge, gas-guzzling monster that would drive me out of the shop with the dragon's breath and the waste heat.  That waste heat is a significant factor in the tropics where I work, believe me!

Help with copper I am new!!!

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So I am BRAND NEW to metal smithing, as in just yesterday I pulled out my fathers anvil, got a good hot fire going and played around with some old scrap copper pipe. I was wondering, how do you get copper to fuse to itself when you fold it over? I know with iron they would sprinkle something like borax, but what about copper? (I realize my fire was probably no where near hot enough) Just looking for some advice, I had a blast playing around with it, made a neat cuff thats about 2 inches wide and heavy as hell lol.