Forging in London

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I've just moved to London and am finding it hard to find a workshop - does anyone know of any space in one? Or does anyone also have this problem? Could we join together and start a new forge? I'm really looking forward to getting back into making, having been away for the past 6 months doing other things, and I'm getting itchy!

antler chandelier

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my first foundry

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my first foundry

Great new toy (errrrr, tool).

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I just received the new infrared pyrometer I ordered last week. What a dandy little item!

The thing reads from about 50 below zero to just a frog hair over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit by infrared emissivity scanning and also has an optional (included) Type K thermocouple rated from 60 below to 2500 F. It has an output port to a PC for temp logging and other functions too, though I don't yet know how useful that all is - haven't tried it. All that for under $200 with shipping. Amazing, really.

Forge take 1

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The body of my first forge! Stainless tea container lined with kaowool, ceramic board in the bottom.

forge take 1


Stainless tea container lined with kaowool and ceramic board. Modifications: will be moving the torch inlet up above the ceramic board (currently tunneled-not effective at all) and possibly widening vent at top and/or adding a blower.

Where too buy a 12" gas forge?

I've been using a coal forge for a while and now want too get a gas forge. I see them online but not a 12". Does anyone know of any good sites too check out? thanks.

Building a propane forge at home

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I'm about to start a project building a propane metal forge. This is the latest in a flurry of activity brought on by tragedy. I recently lost a very good friend at work when he unexpectedly passed away. This left a coveted opening on day shift that I was able to move to. This change in working hours has had an unexpected effect on me after working night shift for 14 years: I have energy again. My wife just thinks I've gone crazy. Maybe it's because I build a spud gun last week, I dunno.

I made a little anvil/stake yesterday for rings - Love it! (photos)

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I made this anvil/stake yesterday, from a steel rod and some scrap wood. I've been wanting to forge a rounded contour to rings for design and comfort and it works perfectly!

The block on the right side slides off to allow the ring to slip over the stake. That's my grandpa's mallet, it's very soft. He was a Boeing machinist - I don't know exactly what he did with it, but it's great for massaging silver without marring the surface at all. I've had it in the back of a tool box for years - since he died in 1986 or so, and now I've found a purpose for it. I couldn't be happier.