Oslo, Norway - J. Jonsson at Galleri Ramfjord

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From February 14 the sculptures are being represented by Galleri Ramfjord in Oslo, Norway. Click here for more info, or to see more junk art by Johan Jonsson.

Junk art - www.byjohan.se


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During January the sculptures will be shown at Länsstyrelsen in Luleå.

Exact dates and more info will be published later at: www.byJohan.se

Exhibition - metal sculptor J. Jonsson

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During june,july,august, some of my sculptures can be seen at Lilla Galleriet, Boden. For more information, check at my website:

www.byJohan.se | Contemporary junk art sculptures

Metal Arts Exhibition

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For metal artists interested in a national juried exhibition, please visit the Ellen Noel Art Museum website at www.noelartmuseum.org. The deadline is May 7, 2007. Categories for submissions include welding, fabrication, casting, smithing and small metals.

Metal Books Exhibition Guidelines

Metal Books Exhibition |

Guidelines for Submission to Online Exhibit (see Metal Books Exhibition Gallery)

-Submitted books shall contain at least one obvious piece of metal and contain pages made of a three dimensional material.

Biennial CIDAE


Short notice but.. I joined yesterday!

Here you have the information for the 2007 edition of the CIDAE enamelling biennial of Salou (Spain).

I have participated twice and won't miss it this year. The organization is super and there is always a great international participation, especially from Japan. The museum (link) is such a gorgeous place with great exhibit, I recommend anyone who can to visit it, and it is always a plus that it is in the nice village of Salou, by the sea. The theme for this year is the nude. Here is the link to the bases and the inscription form. You have time until May 2007!

Exhibition Chat So Far

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(Can't) Judge a Book by Its Cover: METAL BOOKS: an exhibition of the book as artifact

Entry date: March 15, 2007-May 15, 2007 (all dates may be revised)
Online Exhibition opening: May 30, 2007
Minnesota Shindig Exhibition

Chatlog on Book Exhibition at ArtMetal

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Relevant Summary:

Title: "(Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of the book as artifact."

Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal. If it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. A physical manifestation of imagination expressed through our common medium.

CHAT time


ArtMetal Chat Friday Discuss ideas for the Online Exhibtion of Metal Books and chat VRocK

Bronze Sculpture Exhibit in New York


Dear Forum Members,
I would like to invite you to our upcoming exhibitions showcasing the bronze sculptures of Phillippe Coudari.