Art Tech Idea

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I enjoy playing with the ideas of knowing technique..but then again also working totally free of preconceived techniques. Here are some quotes to spark imagination. I love the phrase: "tintinnabulation of the merry bells".

Shop Plug

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Been looking at options for advertising my work. Trying to make sales. Especially trying to get my name out there and get people looking at my work. More people I can expose to my craft the better. :)

The Beginning

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Last Wednesday I attended my first class in Art Metal Design at a local community college. I'm taking the class from someone whose work I already respect, someone I trust as a teacher, someone who cares deeply about art.

Are you a Master Craftsman(10,000 hour theory)?

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Are you a master of your art/craft?

According to author, musician, neuro-scientist, Daniel Levitin in his book; "This is Your Brain on Music" ( a New York Times best-seller, Plume Printing 2006) , an expert or master of any craft is measured by that person practicing their craft for 10,000 hours.