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Relevant Summary:

Title: "(Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of the book as artifact."

Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal. If it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. A physical manifestation of imagination expressed through our common medium.

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ArtMetal Chat Friday Discuss ideas for the Online Exhibtion of Metal Books and chat VRocK

Chatbox gathering for a trial run

Just added the ArtMetal Chatbox and will be testing it out this coming Monday at 9 pm eastern time. I hope you will join us and help us test drive the chatbox. There is another chat program that we can use at artmetal, but it doesn't have the automatic login of username as the chatbox does.