casting better surface

casting better surface silver jewelery for instrications.

casting better surface

casting better surface silver jewelery.

Pewter Repouse and Casting - how to patina pewter

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I recently immigrated from South Africa to America, where I am now enthusiastically setting up my small artisan business again. In South Africa, pewter repouse and casting both are very popular, and I was able to find products used for these crafts easily. I am trying to find a good solution to use to patina pewter - both a black patina and also a copper patina. I was using a weak nitric acid solution for the black patina, and copper sulphate for the copper patina on pewter, but am really not sure where I can track these down here in America.

Bentone sales

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Does anyone know where I can purchase Bentone to make some K-bond?

Small Metal Casting Furnace For Sale-60 lbs Bronze/Aluminum - $700 (Deland, Fl)

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Hello! I am selling this portable furnace built for bronze. brass, or aluminum casting. This will work for any metal with a melting point lower the 2500 degrees. The face of the interior is filled with 3000 degree refractory, then backed with 2600 degree. 3000 was use for the face to protect against the heat, but due to the fact that it is extremely heavy, the lighter 2600 degree refractory was used to fill out between the face and the furnace walls. The furnace comes equipped with a blower for delivering propane to the center. It also comes with a propane regulator... propane tank not included. I am also including a set of crucible lifting tongs and crucible shank as well as a crucible used with silicon bronze... it is a bilge shaped B20, as well. I can also throw in three skimmers used for bronze. You may be able to fit a larger crucible other then a B20, but the B20 is the only one to have been used so far. The shank is useable with up to a #30 crucible. The furnace is portable, built on cast aluminum wheels. There is a wide hole for charging the crucible with more metal, but a separate cover to keep the heat in when not charging. The total weight runs right around 300 lbs. This is a great economical choice for low-volume casting.

Bronze casting

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I am casting small bronze figures, up to 2kg finished weight, the larger ones cored.  The investment is Molochite with alcohol-based binder (Laksil), and I find this system quick and easy to use.  I use pre-formed and pre-cooked fire cement for the cores, applying the wax to them, the core is left in situ.  This works.  

Plaster casting surface finish

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I've been been trying out casting aluminum using plaster for the last six months and I read many books on the subject and visited this particular site for any information i could find including this site's archives but the results I'm currently getting are not satisfactory.

investment mixes

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I've done some searching around here but not really found the answers. I have run out of investment for jewelry casting I see here that some of you make your own This is interesting because the cost of shipping doubles the cost of the stuff. So I find that 50/50 sand plaster mix will work but I see also that some say 30 mesh silica sand ( Lowes has no idea what I'm talking about) and some say brick sand is fine. Is that the same as costurction sand or is it sand box sand?

an introduction, and a question in casting: wrinkled bronze

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Hi there,
I'm davide, a wannabe metalsmith from Italy; I came to the metalworking passion a little late in my life - in my thirties - and I'm struggling to change that something in my life, and shift to a goldsmith/craftsman job: one day, maybe...

Pure Copper Casting

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I'd like to know more about copper casting if anyone can fill me in. I have a few days of reading behind me and no experience.

I recently got a kiln dirt cheap and would like to try out sand casting using pure copper. I just wanted to know if anyone here has tried this?