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the ancient Egyptian god of death


Anubis-as castAnubis-as cast

And of course, as with most of my sculptures, there is a history that goes with him, a history which not only may not be entirely consistent with what is currently accepted as reality—that is for you to decide—but that is frequently subject to change.


In June of this year an old Indian man, Alvelardo, who I had met thirty years ago, sent word for me to come; that he had something interesting.

Casting defects

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I am having slight surface defects in my castings. They are tiny shallow pits. I use solid investment with a brush-on layer of plaster, silica flour, and distilled water about 3/16 inch thick before pouring the plaster/brick dust investment. It was burned out at 1000F for three days. In some places, such as her knee, there are no pits.

Small Metal Casting Furnace For Sale-60 lbs Bronze/Aluminum - $700 (Deland, Fl)

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Hello! I am selling this portable furnace built for bronze. brass, or aluminum casting. This will work for any metal with a melting point lower the 2500 degrees. The face of the interior is filled with 3000 degree refractory, then backed with 2600 degree. 3000 was use for the face to protect against the heat, but due to the fact that it is extremely heavy, the lighter 2600 degree refractory was used to fill out between the face and the furnace walls. The furnace comes equipped with a blower for delivering propane to the center. It also comes with a propane regulator... propane tank not included. I am also including a set of crucible lifting tongs and crucible shank as well as a crucible used with silicon bronze... it is a bilge shaped B20, as well. I can also throw in three skimmers used for bronze. You may be able to fit a larger crucible other then a B20, but the B20 is the only one to have been used so far. The shank is useable with up to a #30 crucible. The furnace is portable, built on cast aluminum wheels. There is a wide hole for charging the crucible with more metal, but a separate cover to keep the heat in when not charging. The total weight runs right around 300 lbs. This is a great economical choice for low-volume casting.

Pitting and holes with plaster/silica bronze-casting

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I've been reading and searching here for the last few weeks, and just finished bronze casting the pommel and hilt of a sword.  I did have some troubles, though, and wanted to ask some questions to see if my suspicions are correct about how to solve them in the future.

Makerspace seeks foundryperson and blacksmith

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Greetings, Metal-Arts Community

We are a makerspace/school in the small town of Ferndale on northern California's Lost Coast.  We are reaching out to find the right people to help build and then fill our foundry space, and our blacksmith forge. (FYI-We are lucky to have the amazing bronze artist, Jack Mays on our team-- though he is not at a time where he can actually devote to foundry work. Also a few doors down Main Street from us is Joe Koches' famous Blacksmith Shop/Gallery...a couple of great "bennies") Please check out our website:

Bronze Questions


Hey friends,

If all goes well I'll soon be commisioned to make some sculptural newl posts and railing in bronze. I've only used it for cap rails and have never forged any.

It sounds like forging the silicone bronze is fun and I'm wondering what the working temps are and does it show color at those temps. Does it get contaminated by tools/abrasives that have been used on steel?

Piétà Africaine

Piétà Africaine



A new casting I just finished

90% Copper 10% Tin Bronze source?

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Hey all,

I'm trying to get ahold of straight 90/10 CuSn Bronze for some bronze age tools and experiments. C90700 Phosphur Bronze is about as close as I can come to it with a commercially available product. I was thinking of simply smelting my own, but the cost of copper is just insane right now. $7.67 per pound for copper is just nuts.

Equipment Needed

My husband, Matt, is a sculpter and we are starting a small foundry in Florida. We need to get set up to cast his work immediately but would also like to take on other artists work as well. I have been all over the internet looking for the equipment we need. There are so many options and I don't think that I've come close to finding them all. We have to be set up to cast medium sized sculptures. I listed some of the items that we need below and hope that someone here can point me in the right direction.