Brazing rods

I recently purchased flux coated brazing rods from airgas, is there an advantage to using these compared to dipping the rod into powdered borate?

Triskelus - living sculpture (or very elaborate plant pot)

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Hey there
Here is my latest piece. 

WTB Mecco Midget Torch

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I am looking to buy a Mecco Midget torch body or a Victor J-40 body torch. If anyone has one for sale then please let me know. I would like to have tips also if you have them.




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This is my first post to ArtMetal, I hope that you all like it!

"Crucible" is a found object assemblage sculpture that stands about 8" tall.

Pickling steel

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I have had little luck finding information on this topic. I did a search on a couple of fora as well as Google and I am still not sure I have the answers.

Briefly, I silver-solder small pieces of mild steel. The problem is cleaning them afterwards. The discolouration is quite pronounced. I understand that pickling is the answer and much has been written on pickling jewellery after soldering. However, little detail is available on pickling steel.

solid bulla

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solid bulla

I've been doing versions of this shape in different materials over the years. This one is scrap components brazed in a green sand mold and ground smooth. I was casting around for ideas to present the shape sculpturally, frame or plinth for example were too intrusive, so I decided to give it a sort of nominal shelf.

Yet another n00b looking for help

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I ran across this site while doing a google search on how to join steel with copper. I'm VERY new to metal working - in fact I'm still experimenting. I make chain mail (chainmaille if you like it spelled that way) and a friend gave me an assortment of copper wire scraps. Some of the stuff he gave me was far too heavy (10ga) for use in anything I make, so I got to playing around and made a copper ring by flattening the wire (okay, bashing the living crap out of it) with a hammer and making it roughly ring shaped over a broom handle (only the HIGH tech tools used here). NEAT STUFF! Every night, I'd think of something new to try, including using some steel wire (16ga) that I found here in what was my dad's studio. This is why I have some questions...


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Trying to do something little different from my norm. Says somewhere out there that people like to have wall art so giving a little try at something here.

title: Waterfalling

Brazing rod


Has anyone ever used a phoson/copper rod 0% silver for brazing copper?

I was reading about them and it seems like the fumes that come off of the phospherous are harmful if breathed.


Jet -Fluxer

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When I braze copper with oxyacetylene everything turns black. Someone said I should use a jet-fluxer. Does anyone know what a "jet-fluxer" is? Where do you get one?

Thanks for the help,