NEB Fall Conference

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Well, I finally got a bit of time to catch up with things on the computer. I'm in a hotel in Chicago tonight and will be heading toward the Guild of Metalsmiths meet in Minneapolis tomorrow.

The NEB Fall meet in Vermont was terrific! Great demos by Steve Parker (power hammer forging), Steve Bronstein (forging pipe), Nathan Robertson (hammer making), Steve Gensheimer (design considerations) and Dave Hammer (forging hats). The NEB hired a pair of videographers to record the demos and they also provided a big screen remote monitor in the overflow tent so everyone got a good view of the demos. Every group staging such an event should do the same. Not only can everyone see better, but there is a recording of the demos to pass around/sell/archive when it is all done.

On the Road Again

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Well, I leave tomorrow for three weeks of travel and attending blacksmithing meets in Vermont, Minnesota and Ohio. I'll be visiting a few friends and their shops along the way, of course. I'm really looking forward to this trip and hope to have a few pictures to share when I return.

My new website!

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Hey guys I just got my website up and running. I would love it if yall would go check it out and let me know what you think (HONESTLY what you think, No hurt feelings here). Its nothing fancy but its a start. The address is  Table commisioned by a boat captain. Made using an actual bronze ship's wheel.The base is steel and was painted to match the natural patina.table 1: Table commisioned by a boat captain. Made using an actual bronze ship's wheel.The base is steel and was painted to match the natural patina.

New England Blacksmiths Fall Meet

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The NEB Fall meet for 2009 will be held at Jim Fecteau's "Huntington River Smithy" in beautiful Huntington, Vermont on the 11th, 12th, & 13th of September, 2009

Blacksmith's anvil hold-down tool

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For some time now I've faced an ongoing annoyance with my raditional anvil hold-downs - youknow, you get the piece one the anvil, set the hold-down and go to work, only to have the work come loose on the second blow.  By the time you get it clamped again, you've lost the heat and have to start over.  This issue cropped up mostly when I was doing chasing or chiseling work, where the work was hit a number of times in rapid succession.  The traditional figure 7 style hold-down just didn't hold tight enough against repetitive blows or much side pressure.  Clearly, I needed a better solution.

FS Peter Wright Anvil

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Hi Folks, I'm back on ArtMetal after an eleven year hiatus. I'm a buddy of Dr. Vega of the curvilinear cult. I am neighbors and a secret admirer of the metal hottie, Ms Kimberly. I have been in this metal forming, melting, twisting, carving, mushing, fusing,welding, cutting, carving, and cussing business for more than 35 years.

Forged garden flower

Forged garden flower

These garden flowers are my latest quick projects. They are really easy to make and they look so pretty. Plus, I invented the design and leaf shape myself! (although I'm sure they've been done befo

Art Metal Demonstration

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On June 13, I have invited the blacksmith clubs from Texas and Oklahoma to be a part of an all day demonstration. I will be showing how I make the various textures that are used in my art work. I will also be demonstrating the use of power hammers and dies. This is really an open invitation to anyone interested in learning some of the techniques to be a part of this event. If you are interested, please contact me and I can provide directions. My shop is in Alvord Texas, 50 miles north of Ft. Worth, 30 miles west of Denton.

Sharing metal art concepts

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I am new to this site... I have been a full time blacksmith artist. Started out in a fabrication shop, migrated to building fences, then went to work (for free to learn) from a real blacksmith pro. He taught me a lot, then I struck out on my own.