Trip to England


I'm in the process of thinking about a trip to England with my brother, possibly in March or April. I'm looking for recommendations on people and places to see, shops to visit, etc. We'll probably be there for two weeks or so, if the trip actually comes together, with no fixed itinerary and lots of freedom to wander. Suggestions, anyone?

New to the metal art world

I'm new to the world of metal arts ... I follow an artist that happens to be related thru marriage. Thru this artist I have come to know a whole new world around me.... My daughter is a fourth year art student in college studing her love for metal arts... She is showing promise in blacksmithing metal arts plus we know she is very talented in Jewelry design / creating just like my cousin. Because of my chats with my cousin's husband I see my self wondering if I wouldn't like to pound hot steel like my daughter. I have contacted a ABANA local chapter to see how to get into this Hot Steel pounding,bending,twisting, etc. work.

Stair Railing

I finally finished up a fabricated railing project that has been languishing for a couple of months. This is for the house that my brother used to own down here and the railing needed to match the style of the existing ironwork - stuff he'd made when we did all the remodeling on the place eight or ten years ago. So I pretty much had to try to match his design style, which was a bit of a challenge for me.  The final railing is pretty much all straightforward fabricated work with one tiny little piece of forging for an accent.  :-) .

Artist Call -- DuPage Invitational Sculpture & 3-D Art Show

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Artists with ties to DuPage County, Illinois are invited to participate in the third annual DuPage Invitational Sculpture & 3-D Art Show.

This event will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 in the breathtaking setting of historic Lilacia Park during Lombard‘s Annual Lilac Time Celebration. Lilacia Park is located at 227 W. Parkside Ave. in Lombard, Illinois near Main Street and directly across from the Metra Station. Promotion for the event will be included in the Lilac Time Celebration brochures.

Building a propane forge at home

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I'm about to start a project building a propane metal forge. This is the latest in a flurry of activity brought on by tragedy. I recently lost a very good friend at work when he unexpectedly passed away. This left a coveted opening on day shift that I was able to move to. This change in working hours has had an unexpected effect on me after working night shift for 14 years: I have energy again. My wife just thinks I've gone crazy. Maybe it's because I build a spud gun last week, I dunno.


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If you are near Vista CA the week end of Sept. 10 -12 and want to have a great weekend blacksmithing and would like to meet master blacksmith Tony Swatton from the Sword & Stone, check out the following link.

At the start of all things metal

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I am just begining in the metal field, Blacksmithing being my mine muse. I am so happy to have found this site. What a great source of information and inspiration for me at my finger tips.

When I say I am just beggining, I mean it. I have no background in any metal or iron what so ever. My Grandpa was a mechanic and also worked for an electric company in Illinois. My Uncle Tim is a gear head, mechanic and retired race car driver. He still works on cars. I guess much of my interest has been fueled by them. I have always been interested in the history of Blacksmithing and the metal arts in general, I just recently chose it as a path for myself and I have never been so excited about something. I have researched a great deal of books and I am always looking for more. At the present I am reading "The Art of Blacksmithing". I really enjoy it as it goes into the history and details different types of metals/irons. It also described how to make charcoal which I fully plan to try. I can't wait really. I am not sure when I will have a chance to do this but I can think of nothing else.

V-Block pipe tapering die

V-Block pipe tapering die

Turtle thingy...

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Turtle thingy...

A fun, fast project for family...around 15 hours, give or take...i don't usually make critters, but this was playful enough :)

Meganaura Gate

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Meganaura Gate

This one was made a couple years ago.

I submit it as a more funky change of pace from previous postings.