My new website!

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Hey guys I just got my website up and running. I would love it if yall would go check it out and let me know what you think (HONESTLY what you think, No hurt feelings here). Its nothing fancy but its a start. The address is  Table commisioned by a boat captain. Made using an actual bronze ship's wheel.The base is steel and was painted to match the natural patina.table 1: Table commisioned by a boat captain. Made using an actual bronze ship's wheel.The base is steel and was painted to match the natural patina. to this


i live in brisbane queensland....where is the coffee?

anyone else here in brisbane?

Anyone out there FORGED CORTEN???

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Has anyone out there forged corten?

i've been trying to find out some info on this but can only find fabricated sculptures.

Currently i am doing some test pieces but it will be a while until i find out if the corten will hold its properties after its been forged.

New Blacksmith book is now available.

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I have just received an email stating the Mathew Clarke's new book is now available. You can find it at

My understanding is that in this book, Mathew has featured work from many blacksmiths inculding Tim Cisneros, and some of my work.

Design Topic 3: Center Element Off-set (optical illusion)

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When creating a stair railing that has a center element on the upright balusters, it is critical to have the center element raised slightly above the center-line of the baluster.

Here is an example... the collars in the center of each elongated 'O'(oval-the upright balusters), are the center elements off-set higher than mathematical middle of the 'O'.

California Forging

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Hello everybody, I've been looking around here for a couple hours now and I'm pretty happy to find a site that brings so many talented metalsmiths together! I've just finished my service enlistment and have been forging my own knives and nick-nacks for about a year now. I would really like to work for a professional forge if there is work/help needed in the southern California area. Maybe you, or someone you know is in a situation to take on a hard worker and motivated learner? Thanks for reading, Happy New Year!

A little about Frog Valley Forge

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A quick look around this site is quite inspiring, such beautiful and technically pleasing works.

This being my first post here I thought I'd just ramble a little about myself. I come from a long line of metal workers dating back to the 1700's. I carry on that tradition with a new twist, adding an artistic element to the functional metal.

Hand-Forged Floral Picture Frame

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Hand-Forged Floral Picture Frame

This is a hand-forged picture frame. Hammered iron and flowers.

Custom Hand-Forged Interior Iron Peacock Gate

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Custom Hand-Forged Interior Iron Peacock Gate

Custom interior gate hand-forged for my home. It blocks off the first floor and opens down to the basement. The peacocks were hand-forged also and very detailed. I do not have a close-up detailed photo of this gate.