Makerspace seeks foundryperson and blacksmith

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Greetings, Metal-Arts Community

We are a makerspace/school in the small town of Ferndale on northern California's Lost Coast.  We are reaching out to find the right people to help build and then fill our foundry space, and our blacksmith forge. (FYI-We are lucky to have the amazing bronze artist, Jack Mays on our team-- though he is not at a time where he can actually devote to foundry work. Also a few doors down Main Street from us is Joe Koches' famous Blacksmith Shop/Gallery...a couple of great "bennies") Please check out our website:

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check this out! worldwide blacksmith listing


I just thought I would share. The Northwest Blacksmith Association is doing this worldwide blacksmith map.

You'll have to copy and paste. I don't know how to make it a link.

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The history of BLACKSMITHS

Hello,everyone, thanks for your reading in advance.

After discuss with my friend several times later, I still can't understand some question well

Here I post them,If you are interested ,Please let us know your idea, that would be appreciated.

Building a propane forge at home

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I'm about to start a project building a propane metal forge. This is the latest in a flurry of activity brought on by tragedy. I recently lost a very good friend at work when he unexpectedly passed away. This left a coveted opening on day shift that I was able to move to. This change in working hours has had an unexpected effect on me after working night shift for 14 years: I have energy again. My wife just thinks I've gone crazy. Maybe it's because I build a spud gun last week, I dunno.

New to site

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 Nightmare with ToyNightmare: Nightmare with ToyI love working with metal of almost any kind.

From the Swedish magazine Konstsmide

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(once opened you can preferrably zoom out) click here to view magazine

First post

I need to post something. Blankness is not an option for me.

Joanna William - Fire sculpture burning skull for Malvern Show

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Jo Williams - Artist Blacksmith and Fire Sculptor
Currently working on fire sculpture of a skull, made from steel round bar and reinforcement grid for firework display at three counties showground Ma