Dressing a Nimba

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I just got a used Nimba Centurion.
Used but had never been dressed.
So I've;
removed the pitting and hand ground the face flat with lots of water and flat diamond stones,
got the horn back to symmetrical using a portable slack belt grinder and big diamond files,

Nimba Centurion dressing with a slack belt grinder

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Nimba Centurion dressing with a slack belt grinder

I made a little anvil/stake yesterday for rings - Love it! (photos)

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I made this anvil/stake yesterday, from a steel rod and some scrap wood. I've been wanting to forge a rounded contour to rings for design and comfort and it works perfectly!

The block on the right side slides off to allow the ring to slip over the stake. That's my grandpa's mallet, it's very soft. He was a Boeing machinist - I don't know exactly what he did with it, but it's great for massaging silver without marring the surface at all. I've had it in the back of a tool box for years - since he died in 1986 or so, and now I've found a purpose for it. I couldn't be happier.

anvil question

Hi everybody

just a simple question , what is the best working height of an anvil ?

Thanks Bobby

Only been 2 years and I finally got it mounted!

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Only been 2 years and I finally got it mounted!

Been sitting on the work bench for 2 years now. Finally got a hair across my ... and did something about it.

Start with a harrow dish, weld on a 6x6 (I think) thick wall box tube and top with a piece of 1/2 inch plate. Set anvil on top and add clamps to hold in place. Add some hammer holders and all done.

30 inch anvil

30 inch anvil

anvil resurfacing


I'm still finding my way around artmetal
and now I've got real question
which I can't find answered with searches...
(not yet...slow, problematic computer....
so my answer might really be in there)

WTB 300# anvil in good shape

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My name is Mike Rossi. I'm looking for about a 300 lbs anvil in good condition. The condition of the face, edges and horn are more important to me than the manufacturer.

E-mail is

FS Peter Wright Anvil

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Hi Folks, I'm back on ArtMetal after an eleven year hiatus. I'm a buddy of Dr. Vega of the curvilinear cult. I am neighbors and a secret admirer of the metal hottie, Ms Kimberly. I have been in this metal forming, melting, twisting, carving, mushing, fusing,welding, cutting, carving, and cussing business for more than 35 years.

dressing my new anvil?


I just bought my first new anvil and would like some advice on dressing it. The anvil is a 210lb. Austrian Style Workhorse. I know to put a small radius around the edge of the face, but should I do anything to the horn and hardy hole? The horn seems pretty rough from the casting and I've read something about chamfering the hardy hole. Any thoughts?