Shop Plug

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Been looking at options for advertising my work. Trying to make sales. Especially trying to get my name out there and get people looking at my work. More people I can expose to my craft the better. :)

Financial Wake Up Call

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Heh, somehow I get the feeling this little blog is going to become the dumping ground for my thoughts, my experiences, my triumphs and insecurities. Being able to express your thoughts and impressions on your work and your business, even if its just typing the words out on a screen, is incredibly cathartic. I find myself severely lacking in personal relationships in my life, which means I severely lack people that I can talk to and work things out with. Makes it very hard when I'm holding all this weight on my own shoulders. So, I'm hoping this little blog here will prove to be a helpful resource in allowing me to dump my experiences, both good and bad, in some place where I can look back and read it, and where others may read it and offer helpful advice, or take comfort in the fact that they're not the only ones struggling with these issues.

Firsts Steps in a New Life

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My first day on the ArtMetal network!

My name is Angela. I am a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah. And I have been an artist... pretty much from the moment I picked up a pencil.

But I wasn't interested in just any form of art. You see... I liked to create. When I sat down to draw... I didn't draw what existed around me already. That was boring! Why would I want to spend hours drawing a tree... when I could go outside and see trees all the time? Why spend time coloring rainbows and flowers and bunnies when I could flip on the TV and see those, or go tromp around my moms flower bed.