ArtMetal Features - Volume III Issue I


Volume III Issue I

(above) From the "Artoprise Chronicles" - a harmonious team working together

In this Issue...

  • Let's take a ride on the Artoprise and go through the Bramble Bush
  • ArtMetal and BABA bring the "Fe" exhibition to cyberspace
  • Book Review: "Hydraulic Die Forming For Jewelers and Metalsmiths"
  • starts a new cyberspace village for metalsmiths

Bramble Bush

From the Bramble Bush - Chris Ray's

"Artoprise Chronicles"

Artoprise Bus

This fifteen chapter cartoon style adventure is about a 1960's hippie (Krik) and his friends traveling throughout the country to find the best craftsmen and materials to fix an old beat up bus. There are many side roads to this story, and the Artoprise crew end up in some strange out of the way places, but such is life, and Chris has a way of making you feel that it's OK to be silly now and then.

Virtual Gallery

"An exploration of Iron Through the Senses"

"Portrait of Naomi
Cambell No.4" by
Mark Tilley; England

 "Fe" - an international exhibition of new contemporary iron work organised by members of BABA, toured ten public art galleries throughout Britain during 1995-96.

Now, ArtMetal and BABA are bringing the Fe exploration to the world through a featured exhibition in the ArtMetal Virtual Gallery.


Keith Farley reviews:
Hydraulic Die Forming For Jewelers and Metalsmiths

by: Susan Kingsly

"Homage to Georgia O'Keefe"
Susan Kingsley 1987
Photo: Lee Hocker

..."through the use of the relatively affordable twenty ton press, all practitioners of the metal craft might be endowed not only with their own strength, but rather with super-human strength".

ArtMetal Village Banner creates metalsmithing community in cyberspace

The ArtMetal Village is a cybervillage created by Enrique Vega to house the wares of artisans and suppliers in the metals trade. Seven Centers, which are conveniently located within walking distance from here, have been built so that visitors can go to the specific Center of their choice and find the latest designs being produced in metal.