ArtMetal Features Volume II Issue II

Volume II Issue II

(above) Detail from Guillaume Leunens "Linnaar"

Guillaume Leunens "Painter of the Night"

The Savannah Olympic Torch Sculpture by Ivan Bailey

Introducing the ArtMetal mail lists very own "Bramble Bush"

  • Two Shop Built Air Hammers Described
  • Soldering Closed Objects
  • The Nature of Acetylene Explained
  • Fire Extinguishing Chemicals & What You Should Know About Them

Artists bring unique points of view to the ArtMetal Artists Gallery

  • William Fiorini's pattern-welded steel (Damascus) and Mokume-Gane functional art pieces
  • Boris Bally's rhythmic quality of design incorporates strange metals such as scrap street signs

Discourses of the Resources

NOMMA comes online with the best of Fabricator in ArtMetal News

  • Clearing the Confusion Over Wrought Iron

 SNAPSHOT views Bronze Castings by Renée Sundaram

Previous Features

Guillaume Leunens "Painter of the Night"

"A vernissage unlike others. An exhibition unlike others: no crowd, a certain meditation and silence, and Leunens, the painter, who is presenting his work. Leunens, the painter? Or the sculptor? On the spot, you don't dare give your opinion: you are surrounded by large metal sheets with a suppressed, patinated and downy shine... No, although the three-dimensional temptation had to be subtle, Leunens remains a painter, however one of shy greatness, frankness and courage."

E.L.; " La nouvelle République", March 23-24, 1968. Fire and Metal

Savannah Olympic Torch Sculpture

aka Savannah Olympic Cauldron

by: Ivan Bailey

Who wants to call it a cauldron? Isn't that one of those nasty black pots meant for boiling newts and bats in?

This torch, for the sailing venue of the 1996 Olympic Games, is the only official torch lit outside of Atlanta on July 20, 1996. Follow Ivan as he shows some of the fabrication and installation processes he used in making this monumental sculpture.

The Bramble Bush is an index of special articles which have been compiled by Chris Ray from threads which have been discussed via the ArtMetal mail list. Chris has been instrumental in the development of this open forum which discusses all forms of artistic metalworking. To get an idea of what the mail list is like and how the Bramble Bush editor sees it, take a look at Chris's introduction to this educational and entertaining resource material.

In this premiere issue:

  • Two Shop Built Air Hammers Described
  • Soldering Closed Objects
  • The Nature of Acetylene Explained
  • Fire Extinguishing Chemicals & What You Should Know About Them

William Fiorini / Metalsmith

William shows the outcome of 15 years researching and developing his own unique style using the ancient processes of Damascus and Mokume-Gane. To appreciate the details of these special processes, be sure to view some of the higher resolution images linked to the icons in his portfolio.

Boris Bally

Experience how Boris has integrated contemporary icons and scrap metal along with precious metals into his highly refined and crafted objects of art. His masterful execution of the metals craft gives credibility to the salvaged materials he uses to make his art.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Follow Dave Sebaste as he explains in detail soldering applications for jewelry, small sculpture and decorative work. If you are not familiar with soldering techniques, then this series of links will get you started in the right direction.


Copyrights/Copywrongs #3
by Jack Munday

"Which one of the following words doesn't belong with the others? The words are: lawyers, real estate owners, moral rights, sculptures, bulldozers and the public domain. The answer, of course, is that only the public domain is outside that interesting collection of words."

"1995 Metal Arts Source Book" CD-ROM

Reviewed by: Keith Farley

"I am aware of no other instance in which someone has set out to market the goods made by metalsmiths using CD-ROM technology. Quite honestly, I don't believe the gallery situation existing in the "real world" is quite ready yet for this type of presentation. I applaud Mr. Mitchell for his pioneering spirit and feel that projects of this type will ultimately bring about these sort of changes, but only if presented in a highly sophisticated and professional manner."

NOMMA comes online with "Fabricator's All-Time Best"

ArtMetal is proud to present the premiere opening of the NOMMA web site. The National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association is an organization dedicated to improving the custom metal fabrication industry. NOMMA will be sharing the best articles from the Fabricator magazine and start us off with:




SNAPSHOTs features metalsmiths from around the world that are on the web. This issue we visit with Renée Sundaram a Bronze Sculptor living in California.

Renée Sundaram graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Computer Science and an emphasis in Art Studio. She spent eight years working as a computer software developer and recently began working in the field of multi-media. In her spare time she creates bronze sculpture. She has displayed her work in several galleries including The "Q" Gallery in Santa Monica, CA., the Atkinson, Comenichi, and UCSB Galleries in Santa Barbara, CA.

Unlike many sculptors, Renée has done all of the foundry work herself to create these pieces and has a wonderful step by step explanation of the processes at her web site.

"The tactile sense is really important to me. Most of my sculpture is designed with the intent that people touch it and enjoy the smooth, cold metal surface. I conceive of my work with pure aesthetics in mind. There are no deep hidden meanings behind my work, no social or political commentary; but if you find any, please tell me!"

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