Vol. I Issue IV - ArtMetal Features

ArtMetal Features

Volume I Issue IV

(above) Doug Hendrickson's Vessel is part of Penland's Iron Symposiums Gallery Exhibit

In this Issue...

"Expressive Design in Iron" A Symposium at Penland School of Crafts

  • Oskar Hafen Leaves Mark on Swabian Cemeteries
  • Capturing Tomorrow's Customers: Only Through Active Marketing
  • Copyrights/Copywrongs - Part II

Discourses of the Resources

  • Book Review: "Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press"
  • Heat Treating S-7 & 01 Steel
  • Exploring The Library Resources Within Reach

SNAPSHOT views Hannelore Gabriel's jewelry

"Expressive Design in Iron"

A Symposium at Penland School of Crafts

"A gathering of artist-blacksmiths to exchange ideas on expressive ironwork: design, imagery, influences, inspiration, and historic precedents. The rich atmosphere of Penland School, with its tradition of learning in craft, belief in community, and beautiful setting, create the perfect setting for this gathering. An open forum led by a panel of artists and historians provide the spark for exchange, debate, sharing, dialogue, provocation and insight."

The above quote is from the flyer which I received back in August. This symposium, which was put together by Elizabeth Brim of Penland, was attended by more than 70 artist-blacksmiths from around the US. There have been few gatherings dedicated solely to the discussions of "expressive design in iron," and this one was worth the time and energy spent both in attending the symposium and in doing the additional work required to document it for the ArtMetal viewing audience. I hope you will be inspired by the discussions held and the artwork displayed at the Penland Gallery.

Oskar Hafen Leaves Mark on Swabian Cemeteries

Eckle Tombstone


Hephaistos brings us another look at how cemeteries are starting to have a life of own. Imagine sculptural monuments which reflect the deceased lying below them. For several years now Oskar Hafen, an art metalworker and stonecutter, has been leaving his mark on Swabian cemeteries. The combination of the two occupations makes for a new, trend-setting more human cemetery culture.

Der Hammer

Capturing Tomorrow's Customers:

Only Through Active Marketing


Hephaistos reprints arguments, market evaluations and prognoses developed for the natural stonework industry. They found this article in the journal STEIN [Stone]. It shows the similarities between the stone and metalwork industries but especially it points to shared marketing difficulties. There is a small difference -- the stonework folks are beginning to address the future collaboartively with active marketing.

In "The Hammer" editorial, Hephaistos expresses concerns for the poor state of marketing which the artist metalsmith is in.

"The representatives of the blacksmiths and fabricators have neglected to demand our just due from the steel-using indutries during the prosperous years of industrial growth. It is we ornamental metalwork designers who interpret steel for the ordinary person, who make it congenial, comprehensible, even loveable -- not the automobile industry that cobbles good iron together with plastic and chrome and hides it with lacquer."

Copyrights/Copywrongs - Part II


"Last time we explored the differences between form and substance or functionality of objects created by the artist-metalsmith and the different rights that arise depending upon what the artisan has done. Only those created works that contain a modicum of 'art' may be copyrighted. Once a copyright is obtained, the owner of the copyright has certain exclusive rights that should provide protection of the creation and provide the creator with something with which to exchange for income. So, what are these rights?" - John Munday

John S. Munday (Jack) is an intellectual property lawyer and part owner of SkipJack Press. Jack gives us some insights the value of copyrighting artistic metalwork.

Book Review: "Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press"

Don Fogg forging on press

Have you been looking for a new way to mush your metal? Ever wonder what hydraulics are all about? Well James Batson has produced a 47 page manual that provides all technical information and detailed drawings to build a 24 ton Hydraulic Forging Press.

Heat Treating S-7 & 01 Steel

Franklyn D. Garland explains the technical issues involved in heat treating these two types of steel. 01 Steel is an oil hardening, general purpose tool steel and die steel which is safe to harden even in intricate sections. S-7 steel is a general purpose, air hardening, tool steel with a high resistance to impact and shock.

Exploring The Library Resources Within Reach

Dr. Mark E. Williams has compiled a list of metal related books from the holdings of the University of Maryland system libraries. The list is indexed so that you can go to your local library and probably get any of these books.


The SNAPSHOT feature highlights metalsmiths from around the world. This issue we look at Hannelore Gabriel's jewelry. Since Hannelore is originally from Germany her background includes much training with German metalsmiths. The earrings pictured here are made using fabricated 18 K gold with Apetite, Tourmaline, Azurite/Malachite and Lapis Lazuli.

"When I was sixteen I started an apprenticeship with a master goldsmith in my native country, Germany. That was three decades go, and I still enjoy designing and making jewelry. The most important aspect for me is to make jewelry pieces with which women can identify. If I want to wear a piece myself and if customers get excited about it, I consider it a successful piece."

"All my life I have collected ethnic jewelry during my frequent travels to remote Asian areas. My professional predisposition led to the scholarly study of Himalayan jewelry, a subject on which I publish and lecture regularly."

"Not surprisingly, my European training combined with Asian influences in my current designs."