Volume I Issue I - ArtMetal Features

Under Construction The ArtMetal Features section is updated monthly and includes special stories, graphics, movies and sounds that will give you a new perspective on this ancient craft which continues to bring fresh and provocative innovations to the metalworking industry. (note: The Features are no longer being updated)

Anvil & Forge fire

To stimulate your visual senses while you are browsing the ArtMetal Project, download the Cyberforge (264k) QuickTime movie and loop it in the background. Imagine a forge fire that doesn't go out and never needs to be stoked! If you do not have the QuickTime player, you can get it for pc's or mac's at Apples QuickTime Continuum.


The SNAPSHOTs feature highlights metalsmiths from around the world. We are providing you with a brief artists statement, biography, and a jpeg image that highlights the artists work. Look here on a monthly basis to see other artists work that may not be included in the ArtMetal Gallery.

Brian Meek is no ordinary metalsmith. Being a metalworker since the age of fifteen, he has always attempted to communicate more than beauty in his art. In late 1993, while studying at Cranbrook, Brian created the "Emerald Lies" brooch.

The brooch is only 3"x3"x.75" deep and is intended to be worn on the left lapel at about breast height. The eye is aimed up and to it's right, so that as the piece is worn, no matter what the wearer may say to whomever they may be talking to, the piece just sits there and glares at them, saying in effect "I *don't* trust you, I assume your duplicity, and I assume that you assume mine. I trust you trust in me to mistrust you." The words were taken from an old song a friend of Brian's played for him. The song was EmeraldLies, by Marillion. (1980?) Lyrics by "Fish".

Want to be featured in the "SNAPSHOT"? Send an email notice to Hank Kaminsky. There are several ways to get the information to him including snail mail.

IRC Interview

In an attempt to bring to you a more interactive method of communications, the ArtMetal Project is doing monthly live interviews with metalsmiths and other interesting Net citizens. Since we have just started doing these interviews, we have not set an established time for the IRC sessions. However, we will be announcing the dates and times of these sessions to the ArtMetal Mail list.

You will find that the ArtMetal IRC log for the current month session contains some interesting information. We also try to have an image of the artists work for you to view while reading these interviews.

If you are unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you can get additional information from IRC Related Documents on the web.