ArtMetal Founder and Editor

[Enrique Vega at Mac]

 Enrique in the 1990's

Enrique is the founder and main contact for ArtMetal. As curator, he maintains the web site. As editor, Enrique revises, prepares, and publishes the web pages for the ArtMetal Project which is now an archive (not updated). Enrique started working with computers in 1985 where he worked as a data management specialist for the nuclear quality assurance department of a utility company. Since then, he has developed quite a few skills using the computer, including video, photo manipulation, CAD design, and programing with HyperTalk.

enrique's metalwork skills began in 1979 and continues to develop while making his living as a metalsmith. If you are interested in seeing some of his artwork, visit his art portfolio in the ArtMetal Artists Gallery.

"The ArtMetal Project and the Internet can be one of the greatest contributions to the metalworking craft this century. There has never been such a direct method for metalsmiths to communicate with one another and the outside world. Here is our chance to educate and share information about our craft to those who have an interest".

last updated: 1/19/2012